Termali Salini & Spa


An elegant oasis of peace and rest that offers all the rituals for true relaxation. The Termali Salini & Spa wellness centre, adjacent to the Lido of Locarno, boasts a remarkably wide offering: 400m2 of both indoor and outdoor salt-water pools, saunas, Turkish bath, rest areas, massages, and other treatments. From almost anywhere in the building the lake is visible in the background, surrounded by its stunning crown of mountains. When immersed in the large heated, outdoor pool, you genuinely have the impression of actually swimming in Lake Maggiore. Between a bath or a sauna, you can enjoy small delicacies and healthy snacks at the bistro.


The actual journey of the water from its source, through the valleys of Ticino and then finally to its lakes, provided the inspiration to architects Moro&Moro when designing this elegant thermal centre. Indeed, the delicate sound of the waterfalls, which descend from the first floor to the lower ground floor, lull visitors who are looking for quiet and peace in the same way as when, during summer, they are enchanted from the view and sound of the flowing rivers’ water in the valleys. Also the materials used in the construction of the site are typical of the Ticino area: local granite from the valleys and Ticino's native timber, beech, oak, and black locust.

The two saunas at the centre are very charming. The first, in Finnish style with a horseshoe shape, praises a great look out through a wide window with a splendid view over the lake and the surrounding mountains. The second, thanks to some sophisticated game of mirrors, infinitely multiplies the number of surrounding candles. It is also possible to indulge in a “sauna ceremony" to further enhance its benefits.

Two are also the areas dedicated to the hammams: one on the first floor, an intimate niche with evolving lighting and carefully selected herbal aromas; and the second, a 'no-dress' area located below ground level, is characterized by a wonderful vaulted ceiling.

The many pools, all with salt water, in addition to allowing you to swim also feature seats and loungers with whirlpools and a multitude of water jets including special cervical treatments.

This oasis does not miss an array of relaxation areas located across the various levels of the centre: on the terrace, in areas with more subdued light, or right in front of the large glass walls with views over the lake. The wellness area offers beauty-massages, with oils if desired, in addition to mud treatments.

If you are looking for a moment of relaxation either alone or with someone else, in the penthouse area three suites are available, featuring a double pool (both indoor and outdoor), beds for massage and private terrace with views over the lake.


The building which is home to the “Termali Salini & Spa” centre, designed in the studio of Moro&Moro, is of great architectural quality and its transparency mirrors the beautiful surrounding landscape. “During the day", architect Franco Moro explains, “the natural light produces alternating images, while at night the building becomes an evolving lantern, depending on the variations of the intensity and color of the artificial light.” The structure takes its inspiration from a barge moored on the beach, with its keel containing all the technical structures and stores. Laying on the deck is a transparent shell which, like a large aquarium, offers an oasis of peace opened towards the lake’s landscape.


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