Lido Locarno


In an amazing setting on the lakeshore, the Lido of Locarno offers an extraordinary oasis for leisure, sport and wellness where youth and adults find a wide array of options developed around the same theme: water. A modern beach resort, with indoor and outdoor pools, an outdoor thermal pool with whirlpools, a springboard, a vast green area with a lacustrine beach and four spectacular water slides for over 300 meters of fun. Accessible year-round, they are inspired by the four rivers (Verzasca, Maggia, Melezza, Isorno) that flow into Lake Maggiore. Completing the offer is an modern fitness center.


The beach resort

During the summer the Locarno beach resort offers 5 external pools: an Olympic one (50 meters), one equipped with springboards (of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 meters) a warm water whirlpool, a large oval pool for leisure swimming and one for children. The Lido has a big lawn, a beautiful beach on the lakeside, a beach-volley field and offers various leisure activities.

During the winter or by poor weather conditions, 3 indoor pools are available as well as a heated external pool at 34°C. Of the three indoor pools one is 25 meters long, one is equipped with a mobile bottom and is particularly suitable for beginners while the third one, with shallow waters, games and sprinkles is dedicated to kids.

Four spectacular water slides, accessible year-round and inspired by the rivers that feed Lake Maggiore guarantee breathtaking descents, winding and sinuous, for a total of 300 meters in length.

Architecture of the Lido

The building that houses the indoor pools and the slides is of great architectural value and mirrors the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. The wide windows allow you to remain in contact with nature even while being immersed in the indoor pools, without the feeling of being inside a building.

The lightness and transparency of the building by architects Moro&Moro (winners of the international contest for this project) is integrated in Ticino's best architectural tradition. The structure is made of a large glass casing, almost like a transparent screen, that unites the mountains and the lake with the city, creating a unique environment of elegant and lightweight lines. "The inspiring criteria that acted as a guide in the design phase – explain the architects – was the qualifying element that is the protection of this natural area, which in turn became an integrative part of the concept for the city's water park".


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