Allow yourself to be moved by the fascinating world of birds of prey and watch, in an environment respectful of animals, the flight of eagles, falcons, owls, vultures, storks and ibis. By way of flight demonstrations, the Locarno Falconry offers visitors of all ages a moment of recreation and training, of fun and learning about the biology and ecology of this incredible animal world. Before the show take the time to walk in the park and observe these predators in their aviaries. Covered bleachers guarantee the show even on a rainy day.


The show

While the birds twirl above the public in the arena, the falconer tells the story about this ancient art. He explains the important role played by the birds of prey in maintaining the equilibrium of our ecosystem and describes each species' characteristics and their habitats.
Falconry, if practiced professionally and correctly, offers the opportunity to observe up close the world of these birds while respecting their natural behavior in flight, without subjecting them to artificial training.
The historical connection between the predators' flight and the equestrian world, visible during a Spanish Rinding School style demonstration, reminds us of the important role falconry played in the history of humanity.

Thanks to the music and the traditional costumes, the flight demonstration becomes a true journey back in time and offers spectators an intense experience accompanied by a surprising and poetic dimension.
The show, of the duration of an hour, is at 11am and at 3 pm.

Leisure for families

Inside the park, you can feed the Koi carp with a baby bottle.
Do not miss the show "The golden feather", a fairy tale for all ages.
Picnic area, pizzeria.


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