Around Monte Caslano


A pleasant walk on the shores of Lake Lugano allows you to explore the peninsula of Caslano, a typical Ticino village, dominated by a hill of 500 meters. The natural scenery is very fascinating because it offers, on a limited territory, a significant amount of botanical varieties representative of Ticino. Specifically for this reason this area is protected by the Swiss Confederation. Also from a geological point of view this strip of land between Lugano and Ponte Tresa is of particular interest, as it presents different types of very old rocks from different eras.


Itinerary: Around Monte Caslano (2h, see map)

Caslano is accessible by car or by boat from Lugano. The walk follows the indicated trail, enriched by approximately fifteen information panels. Along the way you will see lindens, elms, ash trees, black locusts, cherry trees, chestnut trees, maples and many shrubs including hazel trees and thorn trees. On Monte Caslano (also called Sassalto) approximately 600 species of plants and 150 types of mosses have been registered . The special position, at the southern edge of the Alps, and the climate characterized by mild winters, sunny summers and rain in the spring and fall, favor in fact an extremely varied flora and a close cohabitation between trees, bushes and underbrush. There are even a few species of exotic plants.

The itinerary practically corresponds to the perimeter of the mountain. For security reasons it is recommended not to leave the indicated trail. For those that love good wine, the restaurant Sassalto on the hill offers an interesting selection of Ticino wines.


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