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Finding clues, solving puzzles and overcoming tests: these are the basic elements for some fun games that can be played in the city, thanks to the proposals of Sato Code and Foxtrail. The paths lead through the historic center and into the most enchanting places of the chosen town, looking for clues that can be hidden ewerywhere: in the secondary entrance of a theater, in a contemporary work of art, or even in a move of a virtual chess game. The real world and the digital one merge in a succession of challenges that become more complex with each step.


The Rubicon Key - Bellinzona

Bellinzona is the second Swiss city (after Zurich) that has been chosen by the Sato Code team – an international collective of specialists with a common love for riddles, puzzles and mysteries – to create an open-air escape room.
The background to the Bellinzona experience is the hunt for a digital key that allows you to decode the encrypted documents of Rubicon Inc., which develops encryption software used by governments and important organizations. Internationally sensitive data has been encoded with Rubicon software. On the sudden death of the founder, his son takes over the company and discovers the existence of a secondary access to the software, through a mysterious key, the "Rubicon Key", hidden in a Swiss town. The founder left a series of clues, in the hope that someone will be able to find and decipher them.

To participate you need at least 2 players and a smartphone with internet connection. Download the appropriate App and pay for the ticket on the website

Tourist Office Bellinzona
Palazzo Civico / Infopoint Stazione FFS
Tel. +41 (0)91 825 21 31 -

Lula's Legacy - Lugano

An escape room across the city, by Sato Code, giving you the chance to discover Lugano in an amusing way. You will have to find hidden clues, solve puzzles and tackle challenges. All that like real detectives hunting for art pieces throughout the city.
The protagonist of the Lugano challenge is Lula Janos, an extravagant character who recently passed away and was known also for her controversial art installation at Zurich airport. She used to keep many of her artworks in Ticino. Lula left most of her collection to a museum of Lugano, but her works ended up in an unknown location and must be found. This search will become Lula Janos' latest installation: Lula's Legacy.

To participate you need at least 2 players and a smartphone with internet connection. Download the appropriate App and pay for the ticket on the website

Tourist Office Lugano
Piazza della Riforma 1
Tel. +41 (0)58 220 65 00 -

Galileo Galilei - Foxtrail Lugano

Another amusing treasure hunt to discover the city of Lugano. The teams, consisting of a minimum of two people, follow the tracks of a wily fox in order to find and decipher secret messages or hidden clues and embark upon special missions. The trail starts from the Lugano Railway Station and is particularly suitable for families.
Participants set off along the trail equipped with material provided by the organizer, tickets and a cell phone. Right after leaving the station, they are rewarded with a magnificent view over Monte Brè and San Salvatore. As the trail continues, the ‘hunters’ will find themselves tackling tasks based on puzzle-solving and courage. For example, in order not to lose the fox’s tracks, they must decipher the meaning of ancient inscriptions, follow a specific clue or ask for information via SMS. If participants find themselves in difficulty while following the trail, they can always contact the organizer’s helpline, which will help them get back on track. The exciting experience through Lugano ends in the Piazza Riforma, the so-called ‘living room’ of the city.
Book online, on the website Print your booking confirmation, barcode and travel documentation. Show this material at the ticket office of the Lugano station, pay the fee and pick up your tickets. The FoxApp, which can be purchased either from the iTunes or Google Play Stores, serves as a useful aid to prepare yourself in advance and solve the challenging puzzles that await you on the trail.

Tourist Office Lugano
Info Point Stazione FFS
Tel. +41 (0)58 220 65 00


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