Cruises on Lake Lugano


Locked in by mountains whose forests make their way down to the shore, Lake Lugano prides itself of a wilder look compared to Lake Maggiore. The beautiful panoramas already fascinated travelers of the Grand Tour who couldn't miss the traditional boat tour. The first steamer to sail the lake's waters was the "Ticino" in 1848. Today, a fleet of modern boats offer a wide choice of cruises, providing acces by lake to the region's main attractions (Gandria, Morcote, Swissminiatur, the San Salvatore funicular and the Monte Generoso cogwheel railways).


Lake Lugano (also called Lake Ceresio) has a surface of 50 km² of which 63% are located in Switzerland and the remaining 37% in Italy. With an average width of 1 km it is very narrow but also quite deep (up to 288 meters). Its shore is not entirely accessible by car and for centuries some villages, like the picturesque Gandria and Morcote, were reachable only by lake.

Cruise and excursions

To best enjoy the Ceresio you can refer to the vast offer of the "Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano" (Navigation Society of Lake Lugano). From April to October there are numerous excursions to choose from: the "classic tour" and the "scenic tour" which navigate the northern part of the lake between Lugano, Gandria and Porlezza; the "magic tour" and the "golden tour" reaching the main attractions around Lugano lake; the evening cruise (May-September) for a dinner in a typical "grotto" at the lakeside in Gandria or Caprino, admiring the landscape in the charm of the night.

The boat is also a useful means of transport to visit some of the most interesting places in the Lugano region, many of which are located on the lake. The boat cruise can therefore be combined with some walks: the Sentiero di Gandria (Gandria Trail), the itinerary of the Caprino cellars, the walks around the Monte Caslano or descending from San Salvatore towards Carona and Morcote. A boat excursion may also be combined with a visit of the picturesque village of Morcote, the Swissminiatur in Melide, or the Museum of Fossils of Monte San Giorgio.


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