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Test your physical abilities in the nature, hanging in balance between earth and sky. Move between century-old trees and display your balance skills by passing from one to the other. This is the experience offered by Ticino's adventure parks, Monte Tamaro and Gordola, located at only a few kilometers from each other. Two parks dedicated to those that are ready to confront an adventurous and fun experience in nature. There are different categories of itineraries, divided into levels of difficulty, age and physical skill in order to offer a safe experience for everybody.


Adventure Park: a name as appropriate as it can be. It is truly an experience rich in emotions for those that choose to visit the Gordola and Tamaro structures located 15 km from each other.

Tamaro Adventure Park

Children from the age of 4 can access the Tamaro Park located in the woods next to the cableway's intermediate station. Even if they have to be accompanied by an adult, they can experiment with the basics of rock climbing on a course (Mini) especially designed for them. For older children, from the age of 7, always under the watchful eye of a guide, there is a second route (Medio) through the trees. Those that are 9 years old or over can defy the height and difficult passages of the Grande course, armed only with strength, balance and carabiners to attach themselves to the possible handholds, and finishing with the thrilling free fall of the Final Tamaro Jumping.

The entertainment area called Tamaro Park includes many other attractions: a Tyrolean traverse of 400 meters length allowing you to reach 60 km/h and a sledge slide.
For those that love water, the adventure can continue to the fearless slides of Splash & Spa the water park centre located at the cableway's departure station for Monte Tamaro in Rivera.
Info: Monte Tamaro, Rivera - Tel. +41 (0)91 946 23 03 - -

Gordola Adventure Park

A park whose infrastructure was mainly designed for families is located in Gordola, 5 km from Locarno. The Adventure Park offers itineraries of different difficulty levels to satisfy all visitors: 58 games, 8 skill-levels, 880 meters of cords suspended among the trees. Cables, platforms, areas in wood or cord, pulleys: the thrill is there. Challenge your balance, your concentration, your coordination and your strength by jumping from one point to the next along a course that extends through the plants of the Gordola Sports Centre. Have you overcome all the challenges? Get a taste of true thrill from the 150 meter-long Tyrolean traverse that will allow you to return to the departure point in the admiration of your friends.
Info: Parco Avventura, Gordola - Tel. +41 (0)91 745 22 28 -


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