On the lakes


The two main lakes in Ticino,Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore, are an ideal destination for a boat trip, sailing, rowboat or paddleboat tour. There, water-sports passionates can chose among a vast range of leisure opportunities: wakeboarding, water skiing, kite surfing, stand up paddling. Several are also the beaches on the lakes shores, perfectly equipped for maximum relaxation. The lake banks, which can be covered by car, by bike, or by foot, turn out to be pleasant itineraries. When admiring them from the surrounding mountains, the lakes reveal all their charm. Equally fascinating is the view from the lakes over the villages and the uplands.


Navigating on the lakes

If you rent a boat to spend a few hours on the lake, the perspective of the surrounding landscape is completely different from what is seen from dry land. Nothing is more relaxing than being lulled by the waves. When you navigate on Ticino's lakes, you notice that the scenery in front of you is never monotonous because the perspective is ever changing, like images through a kaleidoscope.
Pedal boats, row- or motorboats can be rented on the lakeside promenades of Lugano, Locarno and Ascona. There are also specialized boatyards that rent fast and elegant motorboats to those equipped with a boating license.

Water sports and beaches

Have you ever tried walking on the water? Stand up paddling allows you to do that with the help of a board and a big oar. This activity can be undertaken alone or in a group. Only few hours of instruction are needed in order to be able to slip while standing on the wonderful surfaces of Ticino’s lakes.
If you love challenges, you will not be able to do without competing with your friends by going on an inflatable carried by a boat at full speed. If you consider yourself a master of the genre, the inflatable banana is what will suit you most. Ride it and prove you are the best, resisting when being pulled by the waves and by the sudden turns. If athletic activities are more what you are looking for, you can try water skiing, kite surfing or wakeboarding.
The ones, who on the other hand wish to enjoy the lake just by relaxing in the sun, can take advantage of the various public shores and beachfronts perfectly equipped with swimming pools, slopes, playing areas for children, and dining spots.


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