Monte Gambarogno

Scenic Views

From Monte Gambarogno (1734 m) you can enjoy a spectacular panorama on the Bays of Locarno and Ascona from the left bank of Lake Maggiore. The summit is easily reached on foot from the Alpe di Neggia (Neggia Pasture), where it is possible to arrive either by public transport or by car. The mountain's relatively low altitude makes it accessible for most part of the year. On your way back you may opt for the trail that on its way to Indemini, one of the most authentic and charming villages in Ticino, goes by the Sant'Anna oratory that preserves precious frescoes from the 14-15th centuries.


Itinerary: Neggia - Monte Gambarogno (3h, see map)

The walk starts from the Alpe di Neggia, accessible by car from Vira Gambarogno and Fosano. If you choose to take public transportation, we suggest starting from Locarno by taking the boat to Magadino and continuing with the bus to Alpe di Neggia where you will find a restaurant and a large parking lot.

As the trail climbs, the view immediately expands onto Lake Maggiore, the Magadino Bolle and Plain, the mouths of Rivers Ticino and Verzasca extending all the way to the Maggia river Delta and the Brissago Islands. It's an easy panoramic trail that, in little more than an hour, leads you to the summit of Monte Gambarogno (1734 m). From the summit what opens up to you is a spectacular view of the Locarno region, the valleys and mountains surrounding it.

The descent on a grassy slope that turns into forest leads to the Alpe Cedullo. Goats, pigs, chickens and chicks, in addition to the grey ProSpecieRara (an organization protecting indigenous species) cows, are part of the nice agritourism-banquet where, during the summer, you can taste the products from the pasture: all sorts of cheeses, cured meats, cakes, yoghurts, marmalade, elder syrup as well as polenta on Sundays. The rustic environment and the authenticity of the offer make the place an ideal stop for the excursionist.

Returning on the trail, in approximately ten minutes, you will reach the oratory-refuge of Sant'Anna that preserves an old fresco of "Virgin Mary of Milk" attributed to the Antonio da Tradate entourage (14th-15th centuries). Proceed to Pasturione (1200 m) where you will reach a junction; here you can go down to the village of Indemini (about 30 minutes) or return to the Alpe di Neggia (an hour and a half through forest and stony ground, partially uphill).

We recommend visiting Indemini, a beautiful village at 390 m elevation that has preserved the character and charm of the past. From Indemini you can go back by PostBus.


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