Tremorgio and Leìt


The hike to the Tremorgio and Leìt alpine lakes in Leventina Valley is accessible to everyone. The cable car takes you 900 meters above the valley and will save you a lot of energy as you begin your walk towards the beautiful lakes, crossing the Alpe Campolungo plain. It is an idyllic place, rich in minerals, lush vegetation and flowering shrubs. The landscape becomes increasingly rocky and you can see the magnificent Pizzo Prevat silhouetted against the sky: new paths and horizons open up before you. The two mountain huts serve as excellent stopping points.


Itinerary: Tremorgio-Leit (4h, see map)

The hike to the Tremorgio and Leìt alpine lakes above Rodi-Fiesso (940 meters) in Leventina Valley is a particularly fascinating excursion for those who love alpine environments. In just a few minutes, the cable car (operating from June to October) takes you from the village of Rodi-Fiesso right up to the Tremorgio hut (1850 meters): a 900 metre ascent which allows you to save a lot of energy. On reaching the top, you will be offered a fabulous view of the lake whose waters have been used for nearly a century to produce electricity. In autumn 2012, the Carlo Danzi Foundation promoted and funded the construction of a trail that allows you to walk around the lake: an easy, 3-km hike along flat ground, which takes about 40 minutes. Local products and hot meals can be enjoyed at the hut during the summer.

On the other hand the vast plain of Alpe Campolungo (2100 metres), crossed by a crystal-clear stream, can be reached in less than an hour’s walk from the cable car arrival station. An idyllic place, rich in minerals, studied by many researchers. During summer, the meadows abound in lush vegetation, and flowering shrubs add a touch of colour to the landscape. Here you can admire gentians, anemones, rhododendrons, buttercups, columbines as well as many other flowering species.

While climbing up to Lake Leìt (“Leìt” meaning "small lakes" in Leventina dialect), which can be reached in about 45 minutes, the pasture gives way to rock. The landscape changes appearance and is dominated by the magnificent Pizzo Prevat silhouetted against the sky. It is a much-loved summit often tackled by mountain climbers who test their skills on this demanding ascent. The Leit Hut is the perfect place to take a pit stop, enjoying simple dishes including polenta served with regional alpine cheeses.
Hikers will have to walk for another 45 minutes along a fairly steep, rather challenging path, before coming upon another hidden treasure, namely Lake Varozzeira (2400 metres), boasting a beautiful, almost purple colour.

Overall, allow about two hours to get to Lake Leìt from Tremorgio (just under three hours to Lake Varozzeira).
Anyone wishing to try their hand at a more challenging hike, or stay in the area overnight, can take the three-and-a-half hour climb up to the Campo Tencia Hut (the first hut built in the Ticino Alps, it was opened in 1912) and the eponymous Pizzo Campo Tencia, which, standing at a height of 3701 metres, is the highest peak in the Ticino area (calculate around 3 hours from the hut)

Geo-Tourism Trail of Campolungo

Inaugurated in the summer of 2016, the geo-tourism trail of Campolungo comprises two routes, a flatter one skirting Lake Tremorgio, and a more challenging one that leads to the Leit Hut. The educational panels erected along the path provide interesting information about the geology, hydrology, mineralogy and the flora and fauna of the region.