The summer months invite to look for cool shelters and pristine mountain landscapes. For those that enjoy the Alpine scenery, clear skies and large pastures but cannot – or do not want to – take trails that are too difficult or have challenging inclines, the Lukmanier region is the ideal destination. Easily accessible by public transportation or by car, it is covered in a large network of easy and well signposted trails that allow you to discover a unique and fascinating mountain landscape. The excursion also offers the opportunity to visit the beautiful Blenio Valley.


Itinerary: The Source of Brenno River (2h, see map)

The itinerary that we have chosen leads to the source of the river Brenno. Once you're reached the Lucomagno Pass at an altitude of 1,900 meters, your first gaze will stumble on the large granite sculpture of the "Virgin Mary with the Infant" that stands out against the blue sky. It is a 1956 work of Genucchi (1904-1979), Swiss-Italian artist born in Brussels where his parents, natives of Blenio, had emigrated.

A series of panels help the excursionist find his way; our recommended course is indicated by the number 3. The first segment leads to the Alpe Croce where the trail crosses vast pastures. You will come across pristinely white calcareous rocks that were part of the depths of an ancient sea that covered the Alpine region about 200 million years ago. These are rocks that are particularly subject to erosion: as proof you will notice numerous cavities and cracks that are perfectly visible on the ground.

Next, you reach Foppa di Pertusio to then descend to Alpe Gana crossing the river Brenno – watercourse that is particularly calm in this spot – and continue to Alpe Pertusio. Located at 1,830 meters on a beautiful plain, it becomes a mountain pasture for cattle during the summer and it is not infrequent to come across little pink piglets around the stable! The cheese produced on this pasture is highly requested. Behind the cabin of the small dairy and under the rock you can spot the source of the river.

From the Alpe Pertusio you can return to the departure point by following the signs. The entire itinerary takes about 2 hours to complete. At the end of the walk you can also visit the interesting Pro Natura Lucomagno Centre in Acquacalda. This excursion is also the perfect occasion to enjoy the Blenio Valley, pretty and sunny. We recommend making short stops in the villages and at the ruins of Serravalle castle in Semione, built by noble Blenio natives to control the Lucomagno Pass and destroyed in 1402.


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