Parco San Grato


Located in Carona, nestled on a hillside with a broad and splendid view, the San Grato Park owes its fame to the spectacular collection of azaleas, rhododendrons, conifers: the richest in Ticino. A superb sight thanks to the variety of shapes and colours, offering a true spectacle during the months of April and May. Six thematic trails (botanical, relax, panoramic, artistic, fairytale, sensory) facilitate the visit thanks to educational panels. A restaurant with a panoramic view and a park with a playground for children make San Grato Park an even more pleasurable stop.


The Visit

To avoid a dispersive stay it is recommended to follow the thematic trails, which allow you to discover the park’s most impressive corners. The “Botanic trail” presents the park’s main characteristics. The “Relax trail” includes the flattest and most comfortable walks, just like the “Panoramic” one, that connects all the parts where you can enjoy the most magnificent views. The “Artistic trail” allows you to discover the different sculptures scattered around the park. The “Azalea legend” trail is a great option for children, unveiling the legend that surrounds this flower. Finally, the "Sensory Path" offers to all visitors a more careful and conscious way to explore nature, discovering forgotten sensations.
The San Grato Park is open throughout the year and admission is free.

Historic note

About 60 years ago the area surrounding the park belonged to Martin Winterhalter, inventor of the Riri zipper, who used it as a horse pasture. The real “father” of the botanical garden was Luigi Giussani, industrialist and founder of the steel mill Monteforno of Bodio in the Leventina Valley. He purchased the property in 1957, removed the woodland surface and planted the first azaleas and rhododendrons, plants that are particularly suitable for the park’s type of soil and the region’s meteorology. Upon his death, the property was taken over by UBS. In 1997, the bank offered it to the Lugano Tourist Board.

(Re-elaborated text from “Ticino Parks and Gardens" - Ticino Tourism)


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