Soar to the skies in just a few minutes; jump like a bird and feel something halfway between a thrill and a miracle; feel the air on your face while admiring the breathtaking landscapes: a sensation that should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. Taking off on a Pilatus Porter airplane from the Para Centro at Locarno airport, which provides the equipment and expert assistance, you rise to an altitude of 4,000 meters with a view that extends over hundreds of kilometers. The thrill of the void combined with the beauty of the panorama: you could not ask for more!


For a moment you might even feel like an eagle flying over the natural wonders of the southern Alpine region. Enjoy the chance to extend your view over the Alps with the majestic Monte Rosa and Bernina that stand like sentinels while feeling as if you are about to land on the spires of Milan’s cathedral. This is what the Para Centro Locarno offers, organizing parachute flights year-round. During the summer three times a day (at 9am, at 1pm and at 4pm) it is also possible to try the experience of flying in tandem with a parachute teacher.

After a short and simple physical test and a theoretical lesson of only a few minutes, complemented by a video, you receive the equipment: this is when the adventure starts. Onboard a Pilatus Porter airplane, you rise to an altitude of 4,000 meters in about twenty minutes with a radical change in temperature: 30 °C difference in relation to the ground. Jump in a free dive, with your heart in your throat but also with a feeling of immense freedom. A jump into the void lasting about a minute: a unique thrill for an unforgettable adventure. Then, the parachute opens up and the slow descent to the departure point starts, touching the ground about 10 minutes later.


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