Launching oneself into a free flight from a mountaintop, secured in a light harness, lets you combine the thrill of flight with the beauty of the landscape seen from above, while gently being lulled by the airstream. From the peaks of the Locarno region to those of Sottoceneri and Upper Ticino, the mountains offer a varied choice to enthusiasts who consider them among the most beautiful in the world for free-flying. For a first-time paragliding experience Cardada-Cimetta, Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema are perfect launch pads for tandem flights, with experienced pilots.


Tandem paragliding

Lulled by the airstream, comfortably secured in a light harness, flying in total safety with professional pilots above breath-taking panoramas, the Ticino mountains are considered among the most beautiful in the world for practicing free flight.
Tandem flights are accessible to all: there is no age limit (minors need parental consent), no special requirements, and no tests are needed.


One of the most spectacular places for tandem paragliding is undoubtedly Cardada-Cimetta. By Cable car from Orselina and then by chairlift from Cardada you can reach Cimetta, at a altitude of 1,700 meters.
Take-off for one of the best imaginable experiences in paragliding is just below the summit: breathtaking views of mountains and the lake, valleys and forests, villages and cities spread out before your eyes, an experience rendered even more evocative by the thrill of flying. And then, after an exhilarating descent of nearly 1,500 metres, often lasting more than half an hour depending on air currents, a soft landing in Locarno, located less than 200 metres above sea level.
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Monte Tamaro

Monte Tamaro is another unmissable destination for paragliding enthusiasts and for tandem flying. A quick cable car ride from Rivera takes you up to the top (1500 metres) where take-off is scheduled for a flight offering views of the surrounding mountains, Lake Lugano and the Bellinzona and Malcantone areas and – wind shears permitting - Lake Maggiore with its valleys. Following a descent of more than 1,000 metres, the designated landing spot is Bironico, located just a short distance from the cableway station to Rivera.
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Monte Lema

Monte Lema is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations for paragliding in Switzerland. From its peak at 1620 meters, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the lakes of Ticino, snowcapped Alps of Canton Bern, and the peaks of Valais with their impressive glaciers. Large grassy mountain tops allow you to take off with great ease and safety. You can reach Monte Lema from Miglieglia by first taking a cable car and then a short 10-minute panoramic walk. Once you the take off, you are immersed in pure nature. You will find yourself flying in a wild landscape set in lush vegetation with small secular villages. Your paragliding adventure ends at Miglieglia near the cable car. Alternatively, the landing can also be done in the spacious meadows of Monteggio and Sessa.
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