Hot-Air Balloons


Leave Lugano and fly over the Southern Ticino and Italy. Allow yourself to be transported by the winds, through the clouds enjoying breathtaking landscapes scattered with villages, mountains and farmlands. An ideal and unusual point of view to enjoy the beauty of the Pre-Alpine area and, in the distance, the might of the Alps. All this while experiencing an old mode of transport: the hot-air balloon. The flights in Ticino are organised by the Balloon Team Lugano and there are interesting itineraries to choose from. Takeoff is on the shores of Lake Lugano.


Take flight, follow the clouds, compete with the birds up to the highest peaks, let yourself get carried away by the winds and take advantage of the exceptional perspectives. Ticino offers a wide range of possibilities for those that wish to fly with a mode of transport that has fascinated youth and adults alike for over 200 years. The region prides itself in a rich and diverse landscape that merits being observed from this privileged perspective, a way to appreciate both the natural and manmade beauties.

It is an incredible moment when, while suspended in the void, the initial adrenaline rush leaves room for amazement and fascination. The first to do it were adventurous pioneers that in 1783 flew in an aerostatic ball conceived by the French brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier. From then on the risky adventure has become a fascinating and pleasant experience defined by safety.

Takeoff occurs close to Lugano for both simple 90-minute flights and those combined with brunch or a night flight. This experience allows you to participate in all the phases of this unforgettable adventure, from the filling of the hot-air balloon to the take-off, from the landing to the folding process.


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