Are you a fan of Ticino’s spectacular lakeside views and its pre-alpine nature? If you play golf, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience on the golf courses of Ascona,on the shores of Lake Maggiore; Losone, set against a fluvial backdrop; or Magliaso, located just a few kilometers from the city between the shores of Lake Lugano and along the banks of its tributary. Three different backdrops on courses of high technical contents. If you have not yet tried your hand at this sport, you can take advantage of the holidays to start learning the game on their practice areas: pitch&putt with covered spaces, putting greens and academy courses.


Built in 1923 by Donald Harradine, Magliaso was the first golf course opened in Ticino. A few years later, in 1928, the Ascona golf course opened its doors to the public. The Losone course, built in 2001, is the most recent addition to the Ticino golfing scene and was also designed by the internationally renowned Harradine Golf firm whose current owner and senior architect is Peter, Donald Harradine’s son, who was born in Bern and raised in Ticino.

The Ascona Golf Club

Considered among one of the most spectacular in Switzerland, its 18 holes wind through majestic trees on the shores of Lake Maggiore, amidst scenery of breathtaking beauty. Since the 1930s, the Ascona Golf Club has been the meeting place of affluent tourists, intellectuals, businessmen, politicians, sportsmen and showbiz personalities. From the day that it was opened, the Ascona course has been considered “the most beautiful 9-hole in Europe”. Converted into an 18-hole course in 1957, this small corner of paradise has gained international repute thanks to the increasing number of celebrities who come here to play on its fairways. Boasting a high technical level, the course offers a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, challenging and enthralling professionals and neophytes alike.
Access to the golf course is granted to all players holding a license to play. Players with a handicap of 36 or lower are entitled to play without any restrictions. Players with handicaps of 54 or lower are entitled to play with some restrictions. Players holding a PR obtained at Ascona are entitled to access the course without any restrictions.
Featuring a large terrace overlooking the course, the restaurant at the Club House serves Mediterranean specialties.

The Losone Golf Club

Opened in 2001, it hosted the largest tournament of the Ladies European Tour from 2006 to 2012. Situated at the intersection of the Maggia Valley and the Centovalli, this golf course is distinguished by a fluvial, Mediterranean landscape, where the Melezza River runs into the Maggia River. A stream forming a variety of small lakes runs along its 18 holes. Renowned architect Peter Harradine further enhanced the natural beauties of the area by creating a course designed to challenge golfers at all levels. The first half of the course features a variety of short but tricky holes, later becoming more technical and challenging,.
Access is granted to members and guests who are members of other clubs having a handicap of exactly 36 or lower. The facility also has a three-hole academy course. No handicap is required to access this course and it provides an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your short game. Although it offers all the attractions and challenges of a regular course, competition times at this pitch&putt are reduced (from 30 up to a maximum of 45 minutes) and only two clubs and a putter are used to play.
A restaurant, situated on the first floor of the Club House, offers Mediterranean specialties.

The Lugano Golf Club

The Lugano Golf Club is situated in Magliaso, in the picturesque region of Malcantone, just a few kilometers from the center of the city, near the airport. Located near to the lake, it winds over flat ground amidst birch, oak and pine woods and clusters of rhododendrons. The course, originally designed by famed architect Donald Harradine, is extremely technical and challenging due to the almost constant presence of water hazards and narrow fairways, often limited by lush vegetation. The Magliasina River is flanked or crossed on at least eight occasions, offering players an ongoing challenge. Long holes, designed for powerful play, are alternated with shorter, narrower ones that require greater precision.
Access is granted to members and visitors who are members at other clubs having an EGA handicap of exactly 36 or lower.

For a First Approach

Are you thinking of taking advantage of the holidays to start learning this sport? Two of the most widely recommended options include: the Locarno Golf School and the Gary Owens Golf Academy in Bellinzona. The Locarno facility, situated near to the city’s Lido, is set within the lush green surroundings of the Maggia’s delta. It features a six-hole course and a driving range where you can tap into the expertise of professional golf instructors.
On the contrary, the Bellinzona Academy is an indoor golf center open to players of all abilities. More expert players can hone their skills virtually on more than 80 courses while beginners can learn everything they need to know using real clubs and balls under the expert guidance of senior professional instructor Gary Owens.


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