EXPO Milano 2015


“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is the theme Expo Milano 2015 deals with. The world fair is scheduled to be held in Milan from May 1st to October 31st. More than 140 participating countries will meet and exchange ideas on the subject, adopting a unique, innovative approach. One of the main objectives of this exhibition is to engage the visitor, putting him at the center of a great experience. The exhibition site, lying on the outskirts of Milan, extends over a surface area of one million square meters and can be easily reached in a matter of two hours either by train or bus from Ticino, leaving in the morning and returning in the evening.


The Visit

Visitors, involved first-hand in thematic routes and debates regarding the complex universe of nutrition, will have a chance to take a real trip around the world in discovery of the flavors and traditions of people from across the globe. Expo Milano 2015 aims to contribute to the ongoing education and debate on nutrition, food, and the planet’s resources, offering a dialogue between the key players of the international community.
Is it possible to guarantee the world’s population with food and water? Increase food safety? Offer new solutions and new prospects capable of protecting the biodiversity of the planet?
The objective is not to provide unequivocal answers to these questions, but simply to raise questions and offer visitors useful tools to find personal answers.
The debate will involve all those participating and will be developed day after day, with the staging of events, exhibitions, conventions and meetings whose aim is to focus on the main themes analyzed by Expo Milano. Hence, its aim is to stimulate an open discussion on nutrition and food, developing all aspects of the theme, in a bid to encourage visitors to question themselves about the consequences that their actions will have on future generations.

More than 140 participating Countries

Expo Milano 2015 will see the gathering of countries who have been invited from all over the world to interpret the theme of the exposition. Food, a vital part of daily life for the entire world’s population, also brings with it profound concerns. Based on their individual cultures and traditions each country will be asked to examine its own position and offer solutions regarding the major challenges related to the future of nutrition. Participating countries are either given the option of contributing to the development of the theme by setting up their own individual pavilions or, alternatively, by choosing their own space inside one of the nine collective spaces organized according to thematic identities or food supply chains. However, in addition to representing an opportunity for reflection, Expo Milano 2015 also offers the possibility of discovering more than 100 national cuisines, each imbued with its own tastes, aromas, and colors.

The Swiss Pavilion

When debating upon the theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, Switzerland, which was the very first country to register as a participant at Expo Milano 2015, reflects upon global food scarcity and shows the other side of abundance. Its pavilion comprises four towers, filled to overflowing with food products and from which the visitor can draw freely. However, there is a limit to the resources available and, exceeding it, means depriving other visitors of the same opportunities. Thanks to the modular shape of the structure, as the towers are gradually emptied the level of the platforms on which the towers stand is lowered, thus allowing the public to see how much they have consumed. The project, which focuses on the availability and distribution of food resources on a global level, invites visitors to reflect on their behavior as consumers.

Milan is given a Makeover

During the six months of Expo 2014, the Lombardy capital will be given a makeover to show the world its creativity, its hospitality skills, its artistic treasures, and its entrepreneurial vitality, offering a program featuring thousands of events designed to highlight the new face of the city and its innovative take on the future.

How to reach Expo Milano 2015

Visitors from Ticino can take an easy day-trip to visit Expo Milano 2015. To avoid the most crowded period the Swiss State Railways (FFS) recommend visiting the exposition on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and, more specifically, during the months of May and June. Every day, direct trains run from Bellinzona and Lugano to the exhibition site.

Expo Milano can also be reached from Lugano, Mendrisio and Chiasso thanks to a daily coach service offering various connections.

Every Wednesday, a direct shuttle-bus-service to the Exposition Site will depart from Hotel Losone (located not far from Ascona and Locarno). The shuttle departs at around 8am, returning from Milan at 7pm. With reservation only: tel. 091 785 70 00 - info@albergolosone.ch.