Roll Your Own Cigar


A unique experience: Roll your own cigar under the guidance of a Brazilian expert and a cigar sommelier and then enjoy it on-site or in the peace and quiet of your own home. You don’t need to fly to Brazil or the Caribbean to test your cigar-rolling skills. You can easily indulge in this one-of-a-kind experience at the Ticino-based Dannemann Centre in Brissago. Located in an old cigar factory on the banks of Lake Maggiore, this is one of Ticino’s most characteristic venues. In fact, the Dannemann Centre is located in front of the islands, which constitute the northernmost area of Europe where several species of tropical plants grow and flourish.


This experience is combined with a guided tour of the Dannemann Centre, where you can watch master cigar makers roll different types of cigars of the famous manufacturer before trying your hand at rolling your own. The tour includes a cigarillos and cigar tasting experience as well as a visit to the treasure chamber for aficionados, one of the largest accessible humidors in Europe. Meticulously crafted in cedar wood, without the use of either glue or nails, the Dannemann Centre is a truly unique space where no detail has been left to chance.
Before leaving the Centre, you can enjoy a caipirinha, a typical Brazilian cocktail made from cachaça, lime, brown sugar and crushed ice. Finally, you will be offered the chance to adopt a tobacco plant, which will be planted with your name in the Dannemann production area in Brazil.

To book group or individual tours, visit the Dannemann Centre website and check for available dates. The “Roll your own cigar” experience lasts for 45 minutes and is only offered in combination with the Guided Tour, which lasts for approximately two and a half hours. The tour starts at 4pm and is subject to reservation.

The Dannemann Centre

This Centre was established in 1999 following the meticulous restructuring of an old cigar factory. The building was resurrected to its original beauty in form of large interior and exterior spaces, used to organize weddings, private and public events, both indoors and outdoors, for small (up to 10 people) and large (up to 500 participants) groups. Each year, the venue organizes special events that are open to the public.

A Historic Location

The production and processing of tobacco in Ticino are thought having been introduced in the 17th century by monks, who taught them to farmers. The turning point came in the 19th century, first with family-run enterprises and later with industrial set-ups. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of some Brissago residents, the Brissago Tobacco Factory was founded in 1847. A reference point for the Ticino tobacco industry, at the beginning of the 20th century this company boasted 40 factories and a workforce of more than 2,000 employees.
In Brissago, production began with a type of cigar that was all the rage at that time: the Virginia, so-called on account of the origin of the American tobacco leaves. Success was immediate and the product was renamed “Brissago”: a long, narrow cigar with a straw cap at the end.
In 1999, this historic factory was reclaimed by the Swiss owner of Dannemann who, following an in-depth restructuring operation, transferred production destined for the Swiss market to the Brissago factory. What started out as a modest activity in 1867 is now part of the portfolio of one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the world.


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